Tai Chi for Balance

Tai Chi for Balance is a form dedicated to cultivating balance in your life.  Not only is it a premier form for those who are really struggling with balancing physically, but it brings balance back into a life that is stressful, can feel overwhelming, and gives a sense of inner peace, centeredness, and calm. Three Levels There are three levels of Tai Chi for Balance so that those who are developing, can continue to challenge themselves as they practice. Tai Chi for Balance Level 1 - an 8 movement form that incorporates mindful stepping in all directions, honoring knee, hip and waist flexibility and alignment.  It is a perfect form for someone who falls, has had trauma or injury due to an accident, who has a fear of falling, or lives with high pressure or stress. Tai Chi for Balance Level 2 - 12 movement form based on the original 8 that incorporates more challenging foot positions and balance postures with neuromuscular movements that challenge the brain/body relationship.  Again, this form is great for anyone who feels they want balance in their lives - physical, emotional, or mental. Tai Chi for Balance Level 3 - The short version of the full Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan form with modified step work. When students are comfortable in this form, they are encouraged to practice the original unmodified Guang Ping form. HOW TO BECOME CERTIFIED Level 1 Certified Instructors: Cincinatti Beuhring Trish Dehner Ralph  Ralph Dehner's School of Tai Chi Habash Diane Henricks April  Shift Grandview Kirkendall Shannon Friendship Village Leonard Debra Partman Derrick  Elements Wellness Cleveland Betz Rita  Wood County Committee on Aging Woods Jennifer Schoenberger Phyllis Wiswesser Cindy Hopperton Sarah  Erie County Health Department Kelly Patrick Anthony Zandra Calkins Kristin Horn Antoinette Tai Chi Classes Myers Sarah Genge Clif Wiswesser Natalie Columbus Bennett Cheryl Beuhring Trish Bowman Kathy  New Albany Gardens Brown Jackie Burke Andy Candon Lori  Wesley Glen Harris Jo-Anne Henricks April Holland-Hall Cindy Hughes Dan  Wesley Glen Kobalka Connie Griswold Center Kriska Sally  First Community Metro, Jaclyn Prince, Beaker Quamme, Margaret Grove City Evans Center Reasoner, Myrlyn Styer, Phil Sugar-Carter, Amy White, Scott  Groveport Senior Center

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