Building Mettle Fall is here…and we enter the element of Metal. When you picture metal, you probably think of something very hard, substantial, strong. Maybe even knife-like, able to cut through. As we enter the element of metal, those characteristics ring true. Metal is our time to move into a quieter space than Earth. We’ve […]

Spleen 6

I’m sure people who see me during my morning walks think I’m crazy. But when I walk my dog (and cat) in the morning, I realize how much time they spend smelling things. It’s something I never do. And I’m probably never going to smell some of the things they are most interested in. It’s […]

Elemental Earth

Time For Earth Have you noticed some of the trees changing?The sun not coming up so early? The birds not so active? Seasons are shifting again and we’re entering into the element of Earth. Entering the Element of Earth time of nurturing, slowing down from the fiery, showy, sparkling times of Fire. After the show, […]


One good point to consider on the Pericardium meridian is PC 6 on the wrist and if you’ve already read about Triple Burner 5, you know that this point is basically lined up with TB5 on the outside of the arm.  This point is great for when you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotion, no matter the emotion: […]

Triple Burner

The Triple Burner (also called San Jiao, Triple Energizer, Triple Warmer) is a Yang meridian, so it’s on the outside of the arm (or back of the arm) and travels along the back of the shoulder, up the side of the neck and around the ear to the side of the eyebrow. If you have discomfort […]

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