We offer WiseWays® yoga at our studio – it’s based on hatha and is the kind of yoga that fits all bodies!   It is not power yoga: no balancing the body on one hand, no headstands, no positions that only a few bodies are articulated to do.  Our yoga is for every body. Yoga you can do for the rest of your life.

So if you think you can’t do yoga, we have a different answer for you. Developed by Michele Mangione, Ph.D, Wiseways® honors your unique body and fits it in a relaxed, strengthening, balanced kinda way.

You’ll love it. Take a chance. Make the shift.

Yeah, you do yoga.

Ease – gentle yoga, very good for beginners.  Therapeutic and gentle for anyone who may live with scoliosis, MS, fibromyalgia, lupus or other physical challenges.  Also really good for anyone who is working to relieve tension in their body or working to quiet the mind.
Easyflow – gentle with some strength and balance challenge.  A step up from Ease, Easyflow challenges balance and stability while working the core.  This is also a therapeutic approach to yoga, gently enhancing the bodies natural healing process while strengthening muscles.
Flow – challenges strength, balance, and stamina.  Flow challenges your body and mind to maintain clarity and peace through strong postures.

Check out our class schedule and join us.

In addition to our classes, you may also be interested in attending one or more or our many yoga related workshops.  Most workshops are conveniently held on weekends.  Our workshop schedule is updated regularly so please check often.

shift studio is located at 1520 w 1st ave in Grandview Heights, Ohio, near downtown Columbus (see map). Phone: 407-4mov (614-407-4668)