Taiji, or Tai Chi, is a series of slow meditative movements that improve a person’s ability to relax, be fully present and enhance balance and health. It is an internal martial art that really relies on sensing, being fully present and aware and responding to situations rather than reacting. We do not practice fighting and takedowns in our classes, but we do study the movements from the martial art perspective and learn self defense techniques in safe ways.

We offer two classes for taiji. One is for people who live with pain, who are experiencing a limited range of mobility or who may just be getting back into movement. If this is you, Tai Chi for Health is the option you want.  We are developing class times for this right now!

We also offer Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan which is more strenuous with a challenge to strength, balance and agility.

Tai Chi for Health is offered every Monday morning at 9:30 am and Thursday evening at 7:30 pm

Tai Chi For Balance is offered Thursday mornings at 10:00 am with Certified Instructor April Henricks.

Guang Ping Tai Chi Chuan is offered every Wednesday evening at 6 pm

The head instructor for our taiji is Lucy Bartimole. Lucy holds several respected certifications and has been teaching taiji since the late 1990s.

Check out our schedule and come to a class.

shift studio is located at 1520 w 1st ave in Grandview Heights, Ohio, near downtown Columbus (see map). Phone: 407-4mov (614-407-4668)