CLASSES For attending Shift classes*, you have the option of either purchasing class passes or a membership.
-Class Passes & Packs Option
A class pass entitles you to attend any class offered by Shift.  The payment options for classes range from simply paying for a single class to buying a 31-day unlimited class pass.  For this purpose, by class we mean a single session (e.g., attend a yoga class session on a particular date.)  A class pass entitles you to attend any Shift class.
  • Single Class Pass: $8- Buy Now
  • 6 Class Pass Pack: $45- Buy Now
  • 10 Class Pass Pack: $59- Buy Now
  • 31-Day Unlimited Class Pass: $65- Buy Now *All passes/packs are to be paid in advance, and there is to be no pass sharing, or refunds.
-Annual Membership Option
Membership entitles you and your significant other to unlimited access to Shift classes. Plus, these additional benefits: 1) option to pay with monthly installments when you sign up with auto debit 2) Owner led workshops and registration series are free 3) discounts for private sessions 4) 5 free guest class passes per year for friends or family.
  • Annual Membership: $60/month* - Buy Now
*As the holder of a class pass or membership, you have purchased admittance to most classes provided at our studio (aka, Shift classes).  These include: yoga, taiji (tai chi), nia, meditation, and mindful cardio. However, please be aware that Shift also rents the studio space for other classes or events.  Such classes or events are not covered by Shift class passes or membership, unless otherwise noted.
Limited Income?  We offer a half price annual membership to those who have experienced an abrupt drop in income due to loss of job, retirement, or other financial circumstance.  This is a one year commitment Membership Option for an individual that includes unlimited access to all Shift drop in classes. We all deserve access to good options for preventative health care - no matter our income.
  •  Limited Income Membership - $30/month - Buy Now
Workshops are individually priced.  Holders of an Annual Class Membership get owner led workshops free of charge.
  • One hour session pass - $60   
  • 3 session private pack -   $159      
  • 6 session private pack - $270 
  • 10 session private pack - $400
  • Introductory 10 session - $350 (one time only)
  • Half hour session pass - $30
  • 3 Half hour session pack - $80
  • 6 Half hour session pack - $150
  • 10 Half hour session pack - $225
*The lower list price is for the holders of an Annual Class Membership
If you are possibly interested in renting our studio for single or recurring events, please contact us.  The rental fee is $50 per hour.
We accept credit/debit cards, cash, and checks.  You may pay either at the studio or online.
Questions? Call 407-4MOV (4668) or email us using our contact form.  
shift studio is located at 1520 w 1st ave in Grandview Heights, Ohio, near downtown Columbus (see map). Phone: 407-4mov (614-407-4668)