mindful cardio

Well, there’s an oxymoron for you!  Isn’t cardio all about pushing through? No pain no gain? Get fit or get out?

Not here.

Strength & Stability Class

STRENGTH & STABILITY: Strengthen your entire body while really targeting muscles of the core. Your core is everything when it comes to movement. Keep it healthy! It’ll amaze you how a challenging a seated workout can be!

We warm up the body, prepare it to work, work it at its best intensity, cool it down and ease it into a meditation.  It’s a format that is unique, and it works.  Get your mind and body ready for a different experience.

We get each individual body to work at its optimal ability, within its unique framework.  So, if you have fibromyalgia you are going to move gently.  No swinging appendages around and flaring up the joints.  If you’re working on balance and agility, we aren’t going to ask you to start with jump lunges. And if you want to take your workout to your own level of challenge, we’ll give you the workout.  Every body is honored for whatever it needs.

We currently have 3 levels of mindful cardio:

Strength and Stability:  Great for those who are just getting back into exercise, who are recuperating from surgery or who live with fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinsons or any physical condition.  It’s a group class with a private-session feeling because you work toward your personal goals.  Strengthen your core in a safe but challenging way while strengthening the entire body for stability and over all health.  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:30.  45 minute class with warm up, workout, cool down and meditation.

Balance and Agility:  For those who have core strength but feel their balance and agility just isn’t what it used to be.  Don’t lose it!  This class will challenge your footwork, strength, and functional fitness. While working the muscles it also strengthens your respiratory and pulmonary systems and your brain!  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 2:30.  45 minute class with warm up, workout, cool down and meditation.

Power Half Hour:  Feeling strong and stable?  Balance and agile?  Power half hour is for you.  High energy, plyometric interval training for those who need to MOVE.  But wait, there’s more!  We do this in a safe, educational way.  We’re not throwing our bodies around and damaging joints.  This is focused fun while really learning about what muscles are engaged and firing during each movement.  30 minute high energy class with meditation at the end.   Great way to punch in a mid-day workout.

shift studio is located at 1520 w 1st ave in Grandview Heights, Ohio, near downtown Columbus (see map). Phone: 407-4mov (614-407-4668)