1520 W 1st Ave Grandview Hts Ohio 614-407-4668

Shift™ began in the summer of 2012 as the continued home of a studio with a long history in the teaching of movement arts.  Such teaching began with WiseWays® Yoga, which Michele Mangione, Ph.D developed and started teaching in the late 1990s.  Over the years it also became the home to forms of taiji (tai chi) with Lucy Bartimole.   Today, Shift continues to build on these popular offerings, including WiseWays® Yoga, and has expanded to include mindful cardio, morning meditation, and more. The studio is located in Grandview Heights, Ohio, Columbus downtown is nearby (see map below).

Studio Environment…

The studio is peaceful, calming, and comfortable. It features a suspended wood floor that’s heated by an underfloor radiant heating system, so the floor not only helps cushion feet and joints but it also provides pleasant thermal comfort when it’s cool outside!

Our teachers…

Lucy Bartimole, managing partner
Michele Mangione Private Sessions Only
Katherine Main
Connie Makely
Julie Horger
Kim Bright
Lisa Price
Michelle Renee Tavenner
Susan Snyder
Veda Cafazzo


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Press Release (Dec. 2012)

Shift is located at 1520 West First Avenue, Grandview Heights, Ohio (see map below).

shift studio is located at 1520 w 1st ave in Grandview Heights, Ohio, near downtown Columbus (see map). Phone: 407-4mov (614-407-4668)